Bogusława Horszczaruk-Kaczyńska
In my studio we design to ensure comfort, functionality, meet the criteria of ergonomics, enchant it’s beauty.
It is here, where yours interiors are created… but extraordinary ones,
with concept, mood, history, memory, fulfillment…
genius loci… interiors with spirit.
mgr sztuki Bogusława Horszczaruk-Kaczyńska
interior designer
The interior design is created on investor’s request and with one’s participation. The aim of each conception is to provide convenience and efficiency for a number of years, and revealing in time more and more aesthetic relations. Creative space solutions are being planned from the idea to the final result, including any detail. Projects are made on the basis of the latest design trends, with the use of high quality materials and supplies. Finally they are implemented by group of professionals. The course of design activities includes: supervision, adequate selection of workmen, full execution of the project.